The Flat Boy

Two inverted pictures of Flat Boy

Fullname: Black "Flat Boy" Man

Age: 16

Occupation: Cashier

Weapons: Rapier

Era: 1-1000

Status: Dead

Friends: Flat Girl and Flat Family

Enemies: Flat Monster and Flat Slaves

Flat Boy is the main protaganist of the story Flat World, he goes to get some flowers for valentine's, he gains no response and he thinks he's been stood up and carries the collected flowers with him.

He enters his house.

He looks worried and finds the neighbourhood completely empty then runs back home to find a note "I have your girlfriend, Mum, Dad and little Brother and everyone of Flat World trapped in one cell, if you have guts kid, bring you and your worthless sword with you, yours truly... find out punk."

He then travels through various places, mountains, seas, land, islands, forests, desserts and many of the antagonists have been found in those places and each of them had a key to enter a different location in order to save his friends.

He and his sword fight together in combat against the servants causing them to endure a horrible death and he enters a high-storey castle where he kills many guards.

There he sees his girlfriend but victory road is put on hold for him, and is trapped by something seemingly invisible who is the antagonist 'The Flat Monster'.

The two fight continuously and the sword gets knocked out of Flat Boy's hand by on the floor, Flat Boy picks up a bow and fires its arrows at the Monster continuously.

He drops and Flat Boy goes to pick up his sword and spikes his sword downwards in the heart slaying the Flat Monster and making him crumble to ashes.

Flat Boy releases The Flat Girl out of her cell. Then everyone goes to congratulate him and The Flat Girl kisses him.


  • Flat Boy bares a resemblance to Dark.
  • Flat Boy's brother is only mentioned not seen.
  • Flat Boy is the first hero.
  • He has only lived for 999 years, one year before the Flat Dimension became 1-D world.
  • He is mentioned in 3D world and has a poster of him.

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