Flat World

The Gimmick picture Flat Boy vs Flat Monster

Flat World
The first installment of the series.

In a world entitled Flat World is about a boy who gets flowers for his love interest.

A basic plot about a boy who gets captured by a Monster. The Boy witnesses his family and his girlfriend getting captured and being put behind bars.

He uses his sword to slash the monster's servants. The Monster looks angry and tries to kill him, he swings his hand and breaks the cell unintentionally.

The girl is free, she fires a bow at his butt and the Boy plunges his sword in his head, making him melt. In the ending, the two climb a very high mountain and kiss and takes a key to free everyone who is trapped and squashed in the bars.

Flat World is a distant planet system that has flattened objects, surfaces and people.

The Flat World sky, has 5 colours, Blue, Green, Grey, Black and White.

The King of Flat World Banishes the remaining servants to another Dimension.

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