FLAT WORLD Characters:

Flat Boy:

The main character of the story. He is 16. He goes out to get some flowers for his girlfriend, he knocks on the door, but no answer, he thinks he's been stood up and carries the flowers with him, he goes home but noone's home. He looks upset and finds the neighbourhood is empty then he runs back home, to find a note "I have your girlfriend, Mum, Dad and little Brother and everyone of Flat World trapped in one cell, if you have guts kid, bring you and your worthless sword with you, yours truly... find out punk." He then travels to various places and beats up many servants of his antagonist and freeing any and everyone from the neighbourhood. He then approaches a high tower, where he slices many guards with his sword. There he sees his girlfriend but his road to triumph is trapped by an invisible force which is the Flat Boy's antagonist 'The Flat Monster'. He slices his heart and The Monster dies slain and Flat Boy releases The Flat Girl out of her cell. Then everyone goes to congratulate him and The Flat Girl kisses him.

Flat Girl:

The girl who is captured by the Monster as a trap for the Flat Boy so he can get captured and even killed so noone will ever escape and he'll have the whole Flat World all to himself. She is the secondary character.

Flat Girl is 16 years old, the same age as her male counterpart. She is freed out of her cell when the Flat Monster is slain and gives The Flat Boy a kiss in appreciation and eternal gratitude..

Flat Monster:

A Flat Monster who captured everyone, imprisoning them in cells while the Flat Boy comes to their rescue to try to capture and kill him.

He captures everyone in order to lure the Flat Boy into a trap and kill him and have all of the Flat World to himself and take over as dictator. Unfortunately for him, his slaves weren't strong enough to handle him and Flat Boy coming to his lair, and slains him with his sword after giving him parasites but the Flat Boy avoids them.

Flat Servants:

They are employed by The Flat Monster to kill Flat Boy and imprison all Flat-resemblances. Almost all are killed or banished by the King to another dimension.

Flat Citizens:

Are citizens, neighbours and family members that are captured and put into different to cells but are later released by The Flat Boy who slains The Flat Monster.

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